The Centrist Radicals of Ga[pla

Centre Party

Chairman - Clayton Walker


Clayton Walker is the First member of the Centrist Radicals of Gapla (CRG) and someone who has had expeirence in the past with micronational politics. he was the head of the PDP (People's Democracy Party) of the Micronational discord server "The Republic" and was the General Secertary of the People's Republic of Andzay. Clayton is the man to make Gapla be the best it can.


Deputy Chairman - Lincoln Jolly


Lincoln Jolly is the second member of the CRG. A natural strategist he can navigate the country out of any sticky situation. he was the Presisdent of the Micronational Discord server "The Republic" He was also the Prime minister of the Sand Kingdom of Andzay and the founder and chairman of The Peoples republic of Andzay.

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